A pair of crocodiles chasing a player in Crocs Waterfall Escape room 1

Crocs Waterfall Escape (sometimes just called "crocs") is a level 8-16 dungeon found in the river to the right of Escalus. Like most low level dungeons, it has no level cap.

Crocs Waterfall Escape contains Crocodile Men, Ravenous Crocodile Men, and the boss Crocodile King, making it a source of Midnight Daggers, Bronze Cutlasses, and Crocodile King's Crowns. It was once a source of Freeze Daggers, but it seems they no longer drop.

Reaching the DungeonEdit

To reach the dungeon, head down from osl ("unstick me" place) and then right over the bridge. Keep going

The map (found by pressing M) showing OSL and Crocs (crocs is marked by an X on the map.) Labels and circle added for wiki.

past the Event Center until you reach the Escalus City Center flag. From there follow the path down and to the right past the "Welcome to Escalus" sign. Keep going right until you reach a bridge. Then head up right before the bridge until you reach a yellow ladder. Go down the ladder into the river and swim straight up. Keep going up, through the waterfall and you will be in the dungeon.

Reaching the BossEdit

To reach the boss, head straight up through the door at the top of the first room. Then go through the door in the upper left hand corner of this second room. Go up through one more door and you should be in the cave containing the boss.


This dungeon contains the following monsters:

Crocodile Man

Ravenous Crocodile Man

Crocodile King


The monsters in this dungeon drop:

Midnight Katars

Bronze Cutlasses

Crocodile King's Crowns


This dungeon can be used to complete the quest Crocodile Infestation which awards the player:


7,500 gold pieces

3 Small Potions of Life

the Title Crocodile Slayer

And either a Spiked Club or a War Staff.

This quest may only be completed once per character slot however so it is not an infinite source of these.

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