Eclipse Blade
The Eclipse Blade is a favored weapon of the Bladeweaver, as well as a very good weapon to use for an Einherjar and an Avenger, having a base power of 170 and a speed rating of 0.4 (Above Average), along with giving the player +5 Dexterity, +10 Stamina, +6% Critical Rate, +11 Fire Affinity, +10 Maximum Stats, +3% Damage, attacks ignore 3% of the target's armor, and gives the wielder a 3% chance to blind the target. The wielder must also be level 60 in order to use it.

The weapon is obtained from the NPC "Champ," who drops it at a 0.03% drop rate. He is located in Port Anchorage (top-center of the map) and is more than a difficult opponent, possessing enough strength to reduce a single player to a to a corpse in a matter of seconds. If one wishes to obtain the sword, it would be wise to, at very least, bring one healer and keep "Champ" on one side of the room while the healer remains on the other.

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