The Fox Ninja Master (before he uses his stealth) wielding the Worn Predator Claws

Fox Ninja Master is the level 21 boss found in the Fox Den dungeon. He has 10,000 HP but only 3 MP ( which less then a normal Fox Ninja.)

Despite having MP, the only spell he casts does not seem to use the MP. The moment he is aggravated by a player, he will become completely invisable as long as he is either stationary, or attacking. If the player runs around a bit however the boss will briefly reappear to chase them before becoming invisable again.

Using Melee attacks, the Fox Ninja Master does 510 damage, and he has a defense of 330. Fox Ninja Masters drop the following items.

Worn Predator Claws at a 1.1% drop rate.

Peasant Gloves at a 2.1% drop rate.

Peasant Boots at a 2.1% drop rate.

Peasant Chest at a 2.1% drop rate.

Peasant Cap at a 2.1% drop rate.

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