Krath the Bellicose wielding a Dragon's Tongue

Krath the Bellicose is a level 65 boss found in Seryl Dungeon. It has 1,200,000 health points and 50,000 MP which it uses to cast spells such as Blast Wave. Using melee attacks it can do 2,400 damage and it has a defense of 1,650. Krath the Bellicose can drop the following items.

Dragon's Tongue at a 1% drop rate

Peacekeeper at a 5% drop rate

Raven's Wing at a 6% drop rate

Ring of the Ranger at a 10% drop rate

Ring of the Gladiator at a 10% drop rate

Ring of the Dark Knight at a 10% drop rate

Ring of the Assassin at a 10% drop rate

Any level 45 Armor at a 99.9% drop rate (if nothing else would drop.)

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