Lam Do is a light-elemental sword based around the class Paladin. They can use it well with its high defense, high health gain, along with a chance to gain Manasurge, which makes any spell with a cast time instant the next time you cast it. This is very useful for Paladin, as Paladins use a lot of magic to fight foes. It is a popular choice any type of beginning Paladin, be it melee, caster, or tank. Power: 140

Type: Sword

Speed: Above Average (.4)

Requires: Level 55, Paladin, Bladeweaver, Avenger

+10 Intelligence, +10 Stamina, +1000 HP, +50 MP, +4 Spell Power, +10 Light Affinity, +100 Defense, +10 maximum stats, +5% defense, light enhancement, 2% chance to gain Manasurge

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