From top to bottom, a Stone Guardian, a Druid Rockspeaker, and a Rock Beast, all found in the Rock Dungeon

Rock Dungeon is roughly a level 35-45 dungeon, though it has no level cap, Despite the lack of level cap it is rarely used for leveling, instead being a prefered place for farming Earth Cores and various low level weaponry/armor.

Rock Dungeon contains: Rubble Guardians, Druid Rockspeakers, Stone Guardians, Rock Beasts, and the boss Petra Golem.

Locating the DungeonEdit


The Rock Dungeon as shown on the map (M), seen here as the second red X from the right.

To reach this dungeon from the Southern Freeport Flag, head along the path along the lower right hand corner of the flag, past the house until you come along a four way intersection.

At the four way intersection take upper right path, to a cave with a grassy field resting on its roof. Head inside and you should find the dungeon.

Boss and Rune Locations and Navigation TipsEdit

Generally speaking this dungeon contains a lot of twists and turns, dead ends, and a few secret passageways that require the mining pickaxe to open. So if you need to reach the boss or rune, make you sure bring a pickaxe. This walkthrough will occasionally use the room nw# for reference, found by looking in the upper right hand corner of your profile. (right click yourself)

To reach both the boss and the rune start from the first room by heading up towards the water fall, then immediately head right into nw.2. Head right again to reach nw.6. From nw.6 head straight up past the monsters to reach nw.7. The next doorway will be at the top of the room, blocked by a barrel. Use a Mining Pickaxe to destroy the barrel, then proceed through the door to reach nw. 8. This room will be dark and have a few large grey boulders laying around.

To reach the rune from nw 8, head through the door on the right to reach nw.9. The Rune of Gra is in the center of this room, guarded by many monsters.

To reach the boss from nw 8, head straight up through the door at the top. He should be standing on the left side of nw 10.


This dungeon contains the following monsters.

Druid Rockspeaker

Rock Beast

Rubble Guardian

Stone Guardian

Petra Golem (boss)


This dungeon contains the following items.

Chain Mace

Earth Core

Elfwood Staff

Level 35 Armor

Level 40 Armor

Level 50 Armor

Rough Iron Ore

Rough Copper Ore

Steel Force

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