The Undead Lord and his cronies.

The Undead Lord is the boss of the Vampire's Haunted House dungeon. He has 85,800 HP, 75,000 MP, 1,638 Defense, and does approximately 1,640 Damage (according to the Spy ability). He only seems to have one spell, the Drain. He will frequently take some of your health and heal himself.

Lower level players should be more cautious of him. His Drain will more likely be deadlier compared to that of a higher level player and with his high HP and Defense fighting him will be a test of endurance. The Undead Lord drops the following:

Hedgebane at a 0.8% drop rate

Vampires Fang at a 0.8% drop rate

Dread Sword at a 0.8% drop rate

Vampiric Essence at a 1% drop rate.

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