The Unholy Ash with some strange Earth Staffs

The Unholy Ash is a level 40 monster found in the Demonweed Dungeon. Though it only drops level 40 armor it is still neccessary to kill it to complete the Weed Pulling quest to aquire demonweed.

Unholy Ash have 200,000 HP and 1,000MP. They can use their MP to cast a self entangle spell that recovers for 2,000 HP. They have also been known to cast a damaging Black Sunlight regardless of the presence of any normal Sunlight, and cast a spell that seems to do nothing except make newb statues appear.

The newb statues do not seem to do damage or block the player

The Unholy Ash has 500 defense and can do 1,500 damage using melee attacks. As previously stated it only drops Level 40 Armor at a 100% drop rate, though it is still required to kill one to obtain Demonweed which can be exchanged for a Potion of Blood.

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